Discover 3 Ways to Manage Overwhelm as a Cancer Caregiver of a Loved One
Without Feeling Guilty or Inadequate
Get Access To When Caring Is Not Enough 3 Easy Ways To Make Cancer Caregiving Less Stressful
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About Me! Who Am I?
Hi, I am Dr. Shibani, a clinical health psychologist and I am the Founder of the Empowered Cancer Caregiver Method program where I help family caregivers bring back balance into their lives.

I have been a family caregiver myself and I also work with many clients who are  caregivers to family members and friends diagnosed with cancer. To all of us it becomes quickly clear that the caregiving journey can be an emotional rollercoaster.

This program helps to empower family caregivers to lean into their fears and doubts so they can learn how to manage emotional balance while being present for their loved one as well for themselves.

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